Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to get most out of our Google AdSense

1) Place your ad units at the top or center of your webpage. These positions have better chances of getting clicks.

2) Avoid placing your ads at the bottom of your webpages. Visitors are generally blind to such ads.

3) Place Big ad uints like leaderboard, skyscrapers which have better chances of getting clicks. Avoid link units or small ads.

4) Make sure that your ads blend well with your webpage layout.

Friday, June 6, 2008

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Which is the best way of promoting a website?

It is viral marketing. It is best for search engine optimization also.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Naming a web document

A web document's name should contain the keyword for which you want to optimize the document. In case the document name contains more than one word, then each word should be separated by hyphen and not by underscore. This is because googlebot is not able to read underscore. So for it, seo_India is seoindia. So if you want the googlebot to read seo india as seo india, then use hyphen like seo-india.

Google Treatment for Over Optimization

Google penalize those websites which are over optimized. Over optimization can be in the form of keyword stuffing. Over optimized websites are down ranked by 950 positions.

Conducting Feasibility Study

Find out how competitive your selected keywords our. For e.g. to find the competition for the keyword 'e learning india', type "e learning india" (in double quotes) on Google search bar. The number you will get on the right hand side of the search page like

Results 1 - 10 of about 6,930 for "e learning india".

tells that 6930 documents are competing for this keyword.

Similarly for the keyword 'e learning', you will see:

Results 1 - 10 of about 60,200,000 for "e learning"

Now you can easily see, there are more than 60 million documents competiting for this keyword. This means this keyword is very competitive and will require around a year or more to get into top 10. Analyze top 10 websites on Google for each of your selected keyword to find out whether it is possible to get into top 10 within the deadline.For eg if all the top 10 websites on Google for a particular keyword are authority sites, then it will be very difficult to gain an entry into the top 10.

Keyword research

It is the first step involved in Search engine optimization.

Select those keywords for your website which are relevant to your business' products and services and which have good search volume and less competition. Remember search volume changes every month and may be zero in some months. This is true specially for seasonal keywords like 'Mock CAT Test', 'Mock IIT Test' etc. People will generally use these keywords around CAT or IIT examination time. So don't select keywords only on the basis of there search volume in the past month.